United States
February 14, 2010 1:20pm CST
We just found out that there is a thing called "emotinal seziors".My step-daughter has been under the care of doctors to find out what was going on with her.One day we were talking to her bout the outfit she had on before going to school and how it wasnt the right thing for a your girl to ware and she had an sezior the grand mal ones.Then she was in school and the teachers said that they were going to have a test and she had anotherone the next day.My question is this "How do you get a girl who has alot of things on her mind to talk about them?" She know that we all love her but she still wants to see her mom.We think that this is a big facter of it all.Also that her mom lives down the street from me.I have told her that her daughter wants to see her and get to know her and her silbings and that we need to know her medical history. She promised me that she was going to stop back over my house to talk about it.Well its been over three months now.
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