generation gap- anyone with such funny incident??

@udayrao2 (782)
February 14, 2010 10:36pm CST
Most of us have come across the words "generation gap" and have experienced it whether be it with our children or our elders - but what I am now relating is probably very funny and may be even you have had similar experiences. I always like to listen to old good songs from the 1960s - what they call the 'evergreens' and whenever I listened to them my children would turn their face and say that I do not have an ear for good music!!! My favourite songs are of Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Jim Reeves, Pat Boone, Dean Martin, Harry Belafonte, Tom Jones, Connie Francis,( I could name so many but no place here!!!) and many others of that time who used to sing very good slow and fast songs. Any way what I wanted to tell you- I was hearing "Rambling Rose" by Nat King Cole & " Billy Bayou" by Jim Reeves - and as usual my children started making fun of my songs. So I did not say anything but I copied those songs on to a CD and kept it in the car & removed the other music CDs from the car and kept them home, so that when my children took the car out they had no choice but to listen to my choice!! A little mean of me but that was the only way I could get them to listen I hoped. And guess what?? you will be surprised- when they came back I heard them humming the rumbling rose and other songs like Volaire by dean Martin & Besame Mucho, Summer Wine by Nancy Sinatra& Lee Hazelwood, etc!! And when I asked them they said they really liked the songs and they are also now listening to the oldies- they said they were hastily making fun without realising that old songs definitely had good music, good tempo and even meaningful besides the good voice!! I really felt very happy that time. So the 'generation gap' vanished. Do you have anything similar to narrate? And if you have not heard these singers may be if you listen once you may change your opinions too - if you are against old songs. I am not forcing - it is just a suggestion that some of you from the younger generation may be missing something.
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