buying referrals on ptc sites

@MoonGypsy (4613)
United States
February 14, 2010 10:52pm CST
i was just wondering does anyone (who belongs to ptc sites) rent referrals. if so, what is your experience with doing that. i have been thinking about doing that for a long time. i hear that it is the only way to make money on those types of sites in a quicker way. this is because doing the clicks yourself makes it longer to reach payout with most of them, no matter how low the payout is. there is one site i belong to it is seems to be one of the highest ptc sites on the web. you actually get a whole penny with them per click. they give you about for clicks a day. the payout is is like $2 before you can cash out. i think if i were to rent referrals, it would be at this site. furthermore, it has a good reputation and members say that they have been getting paid. if anyone of you have ever rented referrals, tell me about your experience. do you really earn money faster that way? any regrets? thanks in advance for the info.
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