I love this movie!

February 15, 2010 12:06am CST
I really love Pearl Harbor because it's realistic and so dramatic. The right mix of real-life accounts of the war and the love that persists in those times is so wonderful. I'm a romantic so I appreciate love stories in the middle of difficult times.
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• Mauritius
3 Nov 10
I cried on this movie!!! :( :( .. i was so sad that dany had to die! josh hartnett was my favourite and i wanted him to be happy with that girl (i forgot her name)
• Philippines
27 Sep 12
the girl named evelyn (kate beckinsale) :)
• Philippines
27 Sep 12
The best movie i had ever seen. i love this movie too, its kinda touchable, awesome, caught individuals attention and really really a romantic movie!. The story of evelyn, rafe, and danny is like in a real life and the best bestfriend in the world is danny and rafe hahahh!! In an almost last part of the movie was made me cry, its when danny shots by the japanese soldier and he's about to die, then he said to his bestfriend rafe "please take care of evelyn"... "you will not die cuz you know what your gonna be a father" rafe replied, ohhhh... and they both cried for a moment. For me, that was the best scene of the movie :( Pearl harbor is amazing!! Ben and Josh you are the best, god bless both of you..
• Philippines
1 Jun 10
I do love this movie..it presented both the facts in history and loyalty to one's love..
• Portugal
10 Mar 10
Yes,I Love This Movie Also!!!Like You,I'm Romantic & This Movie Have All The Components For a Beautiful Love Story;War,Love,Sadness,Joy...I Love Ben Affleck & Kate On Theirs Personages!!!! Have a Wonderful Wednesday!!!
• United States
15 Feb 10
This was a really good movie with a really good cast which include Cuba Gooding Jr, Kate Beckinsale, Ben Affleck as well as Josh Hartnett. With the Genre of War, Romance, Drama and Action and Adventure makes this a movie worth watching for anyone.