February 15, 2010 12:18am CST
Single is equal to sometime boring sometime happy........but almost break
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• United States
18 Feb 10
nothing is really wrong with being single...if your single and been bored it's because you want or make yourself feel bored...cause you don't find time to do fun stuff than how you would do them with someone...being single also can be one of the best thing in our lives before settling down...cause once your in a committed relationship or being married everything changes cause you would thinking for two...probably don't even have much time for yourself like how yo would have when your single...i would suggest to anyone who is single to enjoy their single days of being by themselves.
@23uday (2998)
• India
15 Feb 10
hi friend, Being single is good to me some times get bore. By being single we can know the information of any in life. For me i learn every thing as single happy and good in my life. I will be happy in my life, have a good day.
@yresh12 (3222)
• Philippines
15 Feb 10
I'M proud to be single... I'ts how you look at your day... I don't really care if i'm single as long as your happy and contented that is perfectly fine to me.
• India
15 Feb 10
I think being a single is very nice and we can live our life independently. There will never be any tension and we are just free and i'm happy that i'm single.
• India
15 Feb 10
i am single,but really