What excuses do you give not to have a relationship?

@sofear (42)
February 15, 2010 11:10am CST
Hi, am just wondering,what do you people say to the people you date but don't fancy a serious relationship with them?Do you know anyone that is in this situation or are you a victim of these excuses from someone you like but they are not as into you as you are into them?What reasons do they/you give not to commit yourself to that one wonderful person?
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• India
15 Feb 10
i don't give excuse. i think it is my disability not to have a relationship with girl. i tried to have a good relationship with one girl but i could not.
@sofear (42)
15 Feb 10
thank you for your answer.If you do want to have one someday then I hope it happens for you.
@jugsjugs (13045)
12 Mar 10
I have a friend that is planning to get married,but is now regretting rushing into it,but just to save face in front of all of their friends i think that they will go ahead with the wedding to keep both of their friends aswell as family happy.There are alot of people that had warned them that it would not work between them as they got engaged after only a few weeks of knowing each other and that is aklso when they set the date for their wedding that was less than a year later.I think they will learn the hard way in the end and that is when they will wish they had stayed good friends.
@cbjones (1157)
• United States
15 Feb 10
They may already be in a relationship with someone else. That's a pretty good reason for a women to reject my advances. Seems like the females who I am really infatuated with are all taken by the time I come in contact with them. My timing must be off, or something.