Beer consumption is good for health-research says!!

February 15, 2010 11:15am CST
hi guys. beer is the world's oldest and most widely consumed alcoholic beverege and the third most popular liquid drink overall after water and tea. the main active ingredient of beer is alcohol so the short-term effects of alcohol and long-term effects of alcohol are seen with the beer consumption. a 2005 japenese study has found that low alcohol beer may posess strong anti-cancer properties.another study found that nonalcoholic beer to mirror the cardiovascular benifits associated with the moderate consumption of moderate alcoholic bevereges.however much research suggests that the primary health benefits from the alcoholic bevereges comes from the alcohol they contain.a 2010 study suggest that beer,which is rich in silicon from barley,is beneficial in strengthening bones and preventing fractures in future life. it is considered that overeating and lack of muscle tone is the main cause of the beer belly,rather than beer consumption,a recent study,however,found a link between the binge drinking and a beer belly.but with most over consumption,it is more a problem of improper exercise and over consumption of carbohydrates than the product itself. what do you think i read this from an article is this true??
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