Bank of America Forecloses on the Wrong House

@teamrose (1499)
United States
February 15, 2010 2:27pm CST
I was reported that in Springhill, MA the Bank of America forclosed on the wrong house. They padlocked and threw away the possessions of people who had paid for their house in full many years earlier. The couple of course are suing, but they can never recover their personal items like photos. Ordinarily I would say this is just an isolated case. But there are increasing news items across the country that this same bank has done this to others in many other states. I'm wondering how would I react if something like this happened to me? Shouldn't there be some type of safeguards in place so this type of action can't happen again? What would you do?
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• Australia
15 Feb 10
Ha,this actually sounds kind of funny.Maybe because it's not happening to me,I've always had an ironic sense of humour(there's almost always funny stuff on the news) Anyway,I'll be really pissed if this ever happened to me.You bet I'll sue! Wonder how much the couple in this story is suing for?
• Canada
15 Feb 10
Hello Teamrose, OH MY GOD!! how could this happen? Id be SO angry at them, Id make sure everybody hears about this. I'd call all the newspapers and tv on this. Id sue them and Id ask for the name of the person responsible for it. Id want the name of the person responsible made public for all to know. Something similar happened here. The city destroyed someone's cottage by mistake. The poor man came back to an empty lot!!! It was on tv and in all the newspapers and the city had to pay him back but of course he lost a lot of things he wont ever be able to get back. Big companies see us only as a number, to them we dont matter, we dont have lives, we dont have feelings and we dont have memories. I sure hope they sue them for millions to teach them a lesson once and for all. We deserve better from companies we deal with. They have to fire whoever makes such an awful mistake or at least give out his name so that everybody can find out who the moron is.
• United States
15 Feb 10
I would be very upset about my personal stuff. Furniture and things can be replaced and they would pay me top dollar for it. I would just get a lawyer and sue them on top of all that I would sue again. can you imagine there social security cards and stuff out there in god knows where. In the hands of god knows who to use as they feel fit. I would be on top of the mountain screaming at them.
@sunyskies (126)
• United States
15 Feb 10
I would be furious and, of course, sue them. I wonder how they ended up at the wrong house? That's a pretty big mistake to make. The house behind mine is in foreclosure, so I hope they didn't finance through the same bank that made that awful mistake.