freinds no more

United States
February 15, 2010 10:49pm CST
so i took my best friend with me to nj. we hung out for 1 week.. some times we got agravated but it wasnt cause of us it was due to the snow storm that ruined some of our plains.... i took her all over the place. we took lots of pics... we really enjoyed being down there together. no guys... was nice for a change... i did wind up paying for everything gas, tolls and food... when i did ask her for money she said she had none on her... when she had to do laundry she had to ask for 20 dollars out of the acct... i just dont get how someone says they have money but then they cant really us it... do you think the hubby is controlling if she has to ask to take money out? what are your thoughts.... also when i drove her back home we had a big fight over the money issue. i felt like i was being used.... as i was talking with her on the internet she said her hubby said something for me... it was really not nice at all... i got upset and talked back saying they were unclassy people, users and very nasty trailer trash peeps... not how i was grown up as... i have lots more class then that and now how to treat friends. we are no longer talking and what would you do in this situation??? i kind of miss her but not really if they are going to act this way....
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@celticeagle (121018)
• Boise, Idaho
17 Feb 10
This is how people conduct themselves as long as others let them. I think knowing this about her I would never take her on holiday again nor anywhere that you knew you would have to fork the bill. If she has to ask to take money out then she should figure what she is going to need for say a week and take that amount out and use that amount. Make she has to ask for money because she has shown herself to be untrustworthy in the past and has a payee or person responsible for her funds. I would feel as if I was being used too and would not be used twice. It is nice to have friends and have fun but sad to find they are not responsible and users. In the future I think I would be making sure what the financial situation is if I go with a friend on a holiday again. I usually say something along the lines of "How about if I pay for gas and..... and you pay for food and......" or something like that. When my ex and I travelled we did this and he still goes on about how nice I am to travel with. If you are good friends with someone you should be able to figure these out ahead of time and then there are no worries and everyone knows what is expected of them.
@yresh12 (3219)
• Philippines
16 Feb 10
You should give each other time. If you really felt that you were being used there is no use for you to ask what happened.. She doesn't even care to say sorry nor talk about it after. Let it cool for awhile and wait what's gonna happen next..
@MoonGypsy (4613)
• United States
16 Feb 10
they didn't seem like really good friends if they were going to use you and talk about you. for all you know, they could have put their heads together on how to get the most out of you without giving anything up. you know, there are people out there who are always on the take. do they do this often, or is this your first experience seeing her use someone. sometimes people actually have a compulsive disorder with using people. seriously. if so, don't take it personal. they would do it to ANYONE. it's a sickness.