if at all......

@ksmita (515)
February 16, 2010 9:59am CST
hi all. there are times when i look back and think 'oh god! if at all i had been more responsible/mature , i wouldn't had made such mistakes in my life' . but now the time is past, oppurtunities gone by, now i can only regret. do you think you had made any such mistake for which you still regret!!
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@sree1412 (208)
• India
17 Feb 10
ya there r few mistakes which did and now i m regreating abt them.Specially 1 mistake while doing it i never thought tat its a mistake but nw i do feel tat it was big mistake which i did and i canot fix it also.I have made up my mind tat come wat may i m not goin to commit such mistake again.
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@obe212003 (2302)
• Philippines
16 Feb 10
Mistakes only reminds us that we are humans and nobody is perfect... Making mistakes causes drastic effects on our lives that we ought to learn from and thereby being more careful and having good judgment. Positively, admitting mistakes and taking on the consequences defines the real character in a person.
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@timasma (123)
• Poland
16 Feb 10
We all think that way, making mistakes is how we learn the right way to deal with the future. We can only learn from our mistakes, as long as we don't make the same mistake over and over again. I have made so many I cant even count them, but that is what made me who I am today. It's all part of my life, I also wish I could have a second chance to change choices I made and paths I taken, but that would change my life in so many ways, not sure I would actually be as happy as I am right now.
• United States
16 Feb 10
I have made huge mistakes in my past that i can never fix now. I do regret those mistakes every day and im paying the price for them now. I have to look at my past as something i cant fix , i can only change the future. I will live with the mistakes and learn from them so i dont repeat them in the future.
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