i need help to escape the life i'm living in. I wanna run away.

June 4, 2006 9:03am CST
I need help to be who i really am, a person with some personality and dignity, someone who can be resposible and independant. I'm sore from the inside but somehow noone seems to notice or care. My parents are so strict and i really hate that. I want my freedom!!
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@Andy77 (432)
• United States
24 Jun 06
I'll bet you're about 17, right? Or maybe a little younger. It's normal to want to be independent at your age; it's good! It means you're becoming an adult. You're parents are strict because they love you and they want to protect you. If you parents will let you, get a part time job. Save the money you earn. Finish high school. Then use the money to go to college or get a job. Then you can move out. The more adult you act, the more freedom you can ask your parents for because you can say, "I'm always very good. I always act responsibly. If you let me ______________________, I promise I won't get into trouble."
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16 Jun 06
hello.. i hope u can think positively. i believe ur parents love u n want the best for u. maybe u can share ur prob with ur friends or join a club n making friends.
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