talk about delicious and specialty in your hometown?

February 17, 2010 8:50am CST
America has vast land and the food culture is also rich,each place has its own unique snack and specialty! People are from all directions,what is the specialty of your hometown?Why not share with each other?One day others come to your hometown,they will have the idea of delicious food.
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@allknowing (70600)
• India
18 Feb 10
Foods from India - India is a vast country with different cultures.
India is a vast country with different States having different cultures, be it food, language, clothing etc. But the gap is narrowing down as people from different States have settled in States other their own and that being the case one will find every kind of cuisine in every State. You may visit the site which covers good amount of information on Indian cuisine.
@towongfoo27 (2989)
• United States
17 Feb 10
The delicious specialty restaurant in my very small town is Karshone's Cafe. It serves a lot of down-home cooking, and the food is absolutely delicious. My favorite at their cafe is the Olive-Swiss Burger, for it is very savory. Maybe it is just the combination of green olives and the flavor of the swiss cheese that makes it taste so good! Another favorite from my hometown cafe is the breakfasts they serve, for Karshone's Cafe has a way of serving up eggs, potatoes, and sausage. They also serve home-style pancakes that are really good! When I visit in the mornings, I will order their hot chocolate, for they serve it with a nice portion of whipped cream! Perfect for a winter treat! I live the comfort foods they serve, like the chicken basket with fries, for they also include many sauces to dip the chicken in. Yet I don't visit my hometown cafe as much as I use to, for the food can be fattening. And I don't want to gain back the weight I already lost.