What time is it?

February 17, 2010 12:09pm CST
YOU KNOW WHAT, BELIEVE ME OR NOT, after my come back here in MyLot Community, I always forget the time to sleep. This site is simply the best. I do not care about my earnings now, well they would reach the pay-out amount I am sure, What I really care is that I am really enjoying a lot with the discussions. I have discovered this after I received some notifications that my other posts was deleted by the admin, that was a great help to me. Now I discovered the secret of a HAPPY AND MEMORABLE MYLOTTING--that is simply putting a heart to every post and discussions you do. And I don't care if I would receive many responses or not, 2 to 5 are enough as long as I would read best responses (that is given by a mylotter with a heart). Today, the time is 2:06AM, and I am still awake and not sleepy at all.
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@rosekiss (30268)
• Eugene, Oregon
17 Feb 10
I certainly know what you mean as the time really gets away from me, when I am in here. I just start posting and forget to eat, as I need to manage my time better, but it is so hard to do, as this is such a nice place to be and I love it so much, I just can't leave either. I, like you am not all that concerned about my earnings either, as it isn't the most important in here. It is the fact that we can learn and share from others, and just simply have fun in the process. I have done that and I am still doing it, and I hope to contine to post here for years to come. Good luck to you and happy mylotting.
• Philippines
19 Feb 10
Yes mylot is the best... you know I am proud in here no matter what others would say. I have read the discussions where other say 'Mylotters are Losers or something like that'. They just don't know what's the best we can get in here. I found this site educational, so even I am not in school this year, I feel like schooling again. I have just a little problem in joining mylot now because I could not make a good start during morning, because my connection is very slow this days, I don't know what happen.. so I prefer browsing during evening because it loads more faster...