Building up power behind that swing!

United States
February 17, 2010 12:39pm CST
So everyone that has played baseball or still is playing baseball wants to hit the long ball and why not since apparently Chicks Dig The Long Ball. The only problem is not everyone has the ability or body to have the power. At least thats what they think. I have a few tricks or training methods I have used in the past that worked with me. I wished I would have trained like this when I was in little league and in high school. First method and it will sound alittle funny is go to the local hardware store and buy a ax. Yes an ax the same tool to cut wood. It will cost you around 20 to 30 dollars depending on the ax. Than the next part could be free or might cost some. I was luckily able to find a house that needed would cut. Get some nice logs or trees and practice cutting sorta like swinging a bat. If your right handed bring the ax from your right ear down and through the wood. Left handed hitters from the left ear down like your swinging. This will build up power and bat speed. Second method is get an old tire. Thats a tire from a car. Than hang it from a tree kinda like a tire swing. The bigger size tire the better. As I used a tractor trailer tire but it did take alot thicker rope. Than just swing into it with either a aluminum bat or a metal pole. I used a decent size pole that I taped up the handle like a bat. The pole was a little heavier than a bat. The only thing to worry about is the bat/pole kicking back off the tire. As I used these 2 methods for a few years I developed a powerful swing that I used while playing in a semi-pro league and also a very competitive softball league. Hope these 2 methods will develop that swing you are looking for and use at your own risk. If you are scared, not bright enough or even worried about getting hurt don't follow. Just wanted to share a few tricks I used.
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