What was your Biggest embarrassment in Public?

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February 17, 2010 1:18pm CST
Hello MyLotters, I figured since I'm the new kid on the block. I've decided that I would like to get to know each one of you the fun way :), How were you Embarrassed the most in public? Obviously many people throughout their lifetime had the one time, that they will never forget. So why not bring it up? :D I will start with me, my biggest embarrassment was when I was only 14!! Me and my nephews like to take long walks around the neighborhood, w/o telling our parents. So we were on this walk, all the sudden I had this urge to take a crap... This was unbelievable, it came out of nowhere... Anyways, we were far as hell from my home... I was almost tempted to knock on a strangers door and use their bathroom. Instead my nephews came up with the jungle man idea of going into a wooded area and just use leafs... Obviously me(only 14) thought it was an amazing idea! So here i am in this wooded area as cars past by, minding my own business... When i realized the leafs that were in the area, were all really thin... So I decided to put them all together, and try it that way... That was a big mistake.. most of them slipped from my hand(epic fail), so I got crap everywhere.... I had to walk home this way... as cars passed and laughed.. I was crying my way home :( Of course my nephews laughed, then ditched me. Anyways that was my most embarrassing moment in public. Post Away yours!! (FYI you don't have to share your MOST embarrassing, but i thought it would be fun to do. You can also just comment on mine if you want)
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17 Feb 10
I did the very same thing as you did in the bushes and I used leaves to wipe myself. But I was ithcing all the way home. But this was not the most embarrassing one. I was walking and had to fart I thought it would be silent like the rest of them taht day. Boy was I wrong about this one. My daughter and her friend were walking a bit behind me and heard the big loud fart. Another time I was walking home and had to go to the bathroom. I went into a hall way of my boyfriend at the time. And crapped all in front of his hall way and front door. I striped my clothing off as it was messy that night. I left them right there in the hallway. Thanks god my coat was long. I was naked under it and freezing.
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17 Feb 10
Lmao, wow... Definitely something I was surprised you shared considering, your a woman.(most people get this image that women don't fart or take craps)Glad you shared.
@rameshchow (5284)
• India
28 Sep 10
I am not a senior to answer this question if we considered my life, but i can taking the example of my parents life, they are so hardworking people, they are working so hard to my career developement and to my studies.......
• Philippines
1 Apr 10
My biggest embarassment in public is not fully mine. It was my bestfriend's. haha. When she slipped at the stairs in the entrance of a mall,despite of the loud music,Everyone stopped and look at her. She was even nagging me about my heels. She was telling me to wear flats. While we she was nagging me,she slipped!!! She held to my hand so tight and I stood there like a statue and trying hard not to slip too. I helped her up and I stared at my heels. I said to myself," Don't wear heels huh? I thought i was the one who's prone to slipping...haha..NOT!!! =D ". I tried to bring my composure back and tried so hard not to laugh. But the result was horrible! haha. While riding our way home,my face turned red and I lough so damn loud cause I can't stand it! She was mad at me of course for laughing at her but she got carried away by my hilarious laugh. ;) HAPPY BLOGGING!