Does Your Lhasa Apso Get Nasty sometimes?

@Java09 (3085)
United States
February 17, 2010 3:12pm CST
I own a Lhasa Apso,that just gets nasty and tries to bit me alot.Is this just how the breed is,do they get nippy and nasty?He hates it when he is laying there and I pick him up,he really hates that,but I do it anyways to show him it doesn't bother me.He also is independant,very very!he hates laying on your lap or sleeping with you.Each dog is diffrent,he loves walks though.Tell me is your Lhasa Apso the same way,is it the breed?He is also very sneaky,he is very smart though and knows alot of tricks.This dog requires not that much attention or work.
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