$850 bag of suri cruise

@Ritchelle (3797)
February 17, 2010 11:06pm CST
i didn't really had ever thought of tom, katie and suri as pea-brained. weird maybe with the way the pillar of this family had acted from the start the moment he got katie pregnant. remember that the announcement of mr. cruise falling in love and them almost getting married followed right away with the whole world knowing that katie let tom make her pregnant almost the first time they say each other. it was a bad, bad, act for a catholic girl in her position and the kind of family that she came from. after the sofa jumping of tom the talk that his scientology religion got to his head had been the joke ever since and the sole reason why he seems to be seeing spaceships all the time. anyway, their daughter suri cruise had been spotted recently with a designer bag worth $850. that's totally out of this world. their daughter is a mere 3 year old girl whose parents' bread and butter had been the support of people who watch their films who came mostly from the upper lower class up to the middle class bracket. duh? maybe you could be this pea brained if you're a private person but no if you carry the surname cruise. mapother in real life. they're not using their heads. but then again maybe that was just a commission suri's mom got as the payment for her getting married to tom had been upped (or so the talks go).
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3 Mar 10
wow what a lucky girl. with that money i guess i can buy a lot of stuff already. anyway, thats the problem of being a celebrity coz whatever you wear or use must be a signature brand specially if you go out to public coz you will never know those paparazzi who will spot you and they are every where.
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@Ritchelle (3797)
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9 Mar 10
it makes you wonder more what she would want the moment she gets her own money, right? thanks for replying.