Criminal charges for taking your kid to church?!!

@mslena75 (562)
United States
February 18, 2010 6:04am CST
I think this is beyond ridiculous!!! A couple, when married, decided that their daughter would be raised Jewish. Fast forward a few years...the parents have divorced. The dad is a stand-up guy, does his thing, spends time with his daughter, big part of her life, etc. (as he SHOULD be!). The father is a practicing Catholic and his faith is a HUGE part of his life. The mother of the child finds out that he is attending Catholic church and because of that fact files a restraining order against him. He takes his daughter to church and is arrested for violating the order. My question is how does attendance at a particular church show cause for an order of protection? I think in today's world, any type of faith we can expose our children to can be a good thing (regardless of your beliefs). As parents, it is our job to raise intelligent children who are thinkers and can figure out things for themselves as they grow through life. I think this is a selfish and childish move on the part of the mother, and now the father is paying the price. He commented that he should have the right to expose his daughter to things that are at the very core of who he is. What do you think?
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