Suffering lose should be blamed upon sympanthy?

February 18, 2010 8:01am CST
The following is the depiction from one net friend: Last Saturday,it's about 1:00 pm,I always have lunch on that time,someone came to look the machine.I asked him waht kind of machine he need,he said no word,I asked so much but he didn't answer,at last I knew he was a handicapped,because I was a little disabled,I felt sorry to him.Then he took my catalogue and pointed one machine,he wanted me to check the price of that one in the net,I did as he showed,at the same time I was looking the machine outside,I was afraid someone stolen it.But the man said he didn't want this,I wa dizzy,I took a close look for him,out of my anticipation a thief stolen the machine worth more than ten thousand yuan,but the disabled man ,he behaved nothing happened,left me a business card and gone away.He seemed honourable,but why did they cheat me?I cried ont afternoon,I was going to be mad,the business card was approved to be fake,I called the police and checked the kinescope,I don't know if the police could find out the cheat,I feel regretted and depressed.Trust one person means lose much? I can't understand,the cost of that machine is six or seven thousand,I have to compensate two or three thousand,it's amazing,I won't trust the roadside "cheat",I hate myself and cut down my hair,eat a lot of sochs,but I'm still annoyed. Sympathy sometimes is a poison,suffering lose should be blamed upon sympathy?Let's talk about it.
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