I'm the one who wants to be with you!

February 18, 2010 10:51am CST
HI my lotters! Right now I'm listening to a song by Mr. Big called "To be with you" and I really love this song. The lyrics of the song made my mind drift somewhere else lol... in some point of our lives we have truly loved someone, someone who did not love us back... someone who just regarded us as a friend and nothing more...ouch! But it happened right, remember? Remember that time when you were really head over heels with that person and you'd give the whole world for that one person...just to be with him/her. Although it may seem hopeless you waited on the line for a chance to be the next to be with him/her. When his/her gf/bf kept on hurting him and he/ she ran to you for comfort you wanted to shout out loud and tell her/him " I'm the one who wants to be with you, deep inside I hope you feel it too, I'm waiting on the line just to be the next to be with you.Come on baby, let me be the one to hold you, let me be the one to show you!" But of course you didn't say it because you already know he/ she would soon be running back to the other soon as he/ she mends his/her heart. When was the last time you ever felt strongly for someone but they chose somebody else over you? How did you get over or were you really able to get over that person? If you could turn back time what would you do and what would you not do? Did that event change you? If by chance you'd meet that person again today would you still be interested?
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19 Feb 10
i also like that song... as for me, i have been in that situation. i was in college and it just started out as friends. we grew close and we often hang out together... i knew that he have feelings for me just the way i did but in the end... he still chose the other girl... i was hurt i have to admit. but i didn't show it to him.. up to now i just say that it was nothing and we were just friends. i pretty much got over him as time passed by. plus i fell in love with another guy which happened to be his brother. weird huh? sometimes when i see him or when we hang out, it feels awkward... it's like we have a secret... a history that only the two of us know. but, we moved on... we both know that we can't have those feelings anymore. i sometimes wonder what would it be like if we ended up together. but, i know that it wasn't meant to be. don't get me wrong i'm happy with my relationship right now. and i don't regret that i ended up with this guy instead of his brother. and if i could turn back time, i would just let the same things happen... because im really happy now.. ^^
@phoenix8606 (4978)
18 Feb 10
hi and welcome to mylot! a really cool song, it is one of my favorite too and I like you style of music The last time I felt strongly about a girl was 4 months ago, when my ex and last girlfriend left me, because i moved to another town and she prefered not to come with me. then I felt really bad and i still feel it from time to time. if i meet her again, yes, I will be interested in her, because i loved her very much and I think i still love her