Do you prefer tortoises over other animals as pets?

February 18, 2010 6:27pm CST
I personally prefer tortoises over the other animals as pets as they are quite easily taken care of. You just need a water tank and food the you bought from pet shop to keep them alive. Then wash the tank regularly. They also have longer life span than other animals so you don't need to experience the sorrow of losing your pet.
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• Estonia
20 Feb 10
In my opinion, tortoises are a bit boring, they don't do much really. Plus, they swim also at night and they make a lot of noise so some people can't sleep well at night. But I'd take one if they were cheap :)
@pandaeyes (2068)
19 Feb 10
I really like tortoises. My friend had one that belonged to her mother when she was a child. In the UK it is quite difficult to find tortoises as they are not allowed to be imported. At least that is what I remember from a few years ago. Something to do with their being taken from the wild I think. There were instances of people painting the shell or drilling a hole to tie a rope through which is awful. The children's television program called Blue peter,has a tortoise as a pet,I think it is called George and is quite old now.
@climber7565 (2579)
• United States
19 Feb 10
Well we all have our preferences indeed. Thank you for sharing your choice and some indications as to what it takes to take care of one. I personally don't like them for pets, would not like to spend all that money for one. I prefer pets that are lively and also do show some affection return.