Is Up Bux Giving up?

United States
February 18, 2010 8:45pm CST
I just wanted to give my thoughts on this topic, as I have felt that up bux was at the top of the ptc industry, and neobux biggest threat.I always have felt that neobux had some kind of special connection to paypal,but they have been frozen at one time also with 78% of its funds tied up and they fought back and won. Have you ever noticed if you purchase something from neobux that the have a special disclaimer box, that the do not accept charge backs and purchases are final and non-refundable. I have a verified paypal business account and have not seen a option to use this feature. Other ptc sites do not show this disclaimer. Paypal is not upbux's only option and I imagine upbux admin is frustrated having a frozen paypal account with thousands owed to several loyal members. Upux looked as if they were going to the next best ptc in the industry and I hope they can overcome it. Right now it looks if upbux is going to give up and not even try to keep fighting paypal and re-opening the site. I would watch for this ptc to go up for sale, But warning to any new owner I would steer clear of paypal with most likely thousands owed to members. If neobux can do it so can upbux. Do you think they will give up? or make a strong comeback as neobux has to become the top instant pay ptc in the industry. Paypal is greedy and when they see large sums of money they want there cut!
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