Did Fergie have a noselift?

February 19, 2010 12:49am CST
I find Fergie very hot but on the back of my head, whenever I look at her, something is wrong.I am trying to figure out what is wrong with her face. Then when I was with friends, I raised that to them and their eyes all rolled and told me "what do you think"? So I was still left unanswered and they just smiled then laughed and I think they were probably thinking that it was not my business anymore. She's rich, famous and she has it all.
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• India
19 Feb 10
I'm also big fan of Fergie but i never notice that i never thought that she got nose lift but she is dam hot and sexy lady she is my role model and this time i will notice that.
• Philippines
19 Feb 10
Yes you are absolutely right she is so damn hot. You mentioned that she is your role model? But why? I mean, role model when it comes to what? Kinda got confused when I read your response to my topic