The Environment

@pintac (165)
United States
November 15, 2006 4:10pm CST
Will the current popular hybrid cars like the Prius help save our environment? What other solutions will help preserver our scarce resources?
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@jeandk (403)
• Denmark
18 Nov 06
Hybrid cars is not the solution to all environmental problems, of course it is better than traditional cars, and more efficient in fuels. In my opinion better and cheaper public transportation is the way to go; this might also reduce traffic jams with fewer cars on the road. CO2 emission is one of the biggest problems when we are talking traffic, so new car types with alternative fuels might be the way to go.
@pintac (165)
• United States
18 Nov 06
You may be right about the hybrid vehicles. But the public transportation may only make sense in densely populated city areas. Interestingly, I just saw the documentary film, "Who Killed the Electric Car?" It's disheartening to see big business moth ball a viable technology to further a profit seeking agenda. GM actually built a production model electric car that had zero emissions; but the whole program was killed due to a big industry propped by the oil interests. Opponents backed by big oil companies claimed that the indirect emissions from coal-burning plants that would produce the required electricity for the electric cars would dwarf the current pollution spewed out by internal combustion engines. Whether that is true or not is left to the imagination since we can't even get a hold of a zero-emission electric vehicle anymore; so, there is no way currently to make accurate measurements. Good points about alternative fuels. I think in the long run, it won't be a single technology that will be the panacea for our environmental woes. It'll take a variety of alternatives based on need and practicality that will help fix the environment; technologies ranging from solar, electric, wind, wave energy (from oceans), hydrogen...