Where to find peace?

February 20, 2010 9:29am CST
It seems nowadays everywhere we look around us we only found everything is rushing into something, and at the end of the day you'll realize how time pass by so fast and yet still feel there's something needed to be done. And on the next day you woke up feeling kinda tired of coping up with time or something. In times like this, where do you find your peace?
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@phoenix8606 (4977)
20 Feb 10
Hi! I think nowadays it is very hard to find peace somewhere, but there are still some places in the world, where we can really find the peace, that many people aer looking for. Maybe on an island in the ocean, where the virgin forests and the nature are untouched from a human's hand. I think it will be the best place to find peace
• Philippines
20 Feb 10
is there yet still a place like that today?
20 Feb 10
yes, i think there are places like that, but we must search for the very hard, and I am actually happy that we don't know about them, because if we do, then they wil be no more peaceful places
• Brazil
20 Feb 10
I love to go camping. Being in tune with nature just zones me out from every single responsability I have and gives me a chance to get in tune with myself!