Home or Outside..which do you prefer?

@artee13 (126)
February 20, 2010 7:47pm CST
Hello everyone. There is this question that I've been wondering about. Where do you want to work in your own country or in other country?why?please justify your answer and if it's other country please tell what country will you what to work. I prefer to work on my own country rather than in other because I want to help my country become economically rich.
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@Porcospino (18396)
• Denmark
25 Feb 10
In the past I have worked in other countries than my own, and I have learned a lot from that experience. I thought that it was very interesting to live somewhere else for a while and I also got the chance to learn another language that way. In 2001 I had my last job abroad and since that time I have been working in my own country instead. When I was working abroad I was young and independent. Now I am married, I have many pets, I have home etc, and I can't just go to another country for several months, but I don't mind, I am happy to have the life that I have today.
@vherzha (223)
• India
23 Feb 10
Dear Artee13 Really nice discussion this is.... And also I have to respect your thought that you have to make your country be economically rich.. My hearty wishes for this to you... According to me, I dont like to leave my country and work to outside... I am a country sick and also home sick too...Always few people doing the same wrong that they utilized all the facilities from their native and then finally they go to other country and develop that country's economy...Still no one of that few people realize this.. I want to wish all of those poeple to first think about this and then decide to go out...
• India
21 Feb 10
I like to be in my own country.There are opportunities in the country to develop. We can well concentrate on the development of the country which has given as food and shelter. Also, language, food habit environment are same. In some countries, son of the soil question is arising. In those countries we have to live with fear.
• Philippines
21 Feb 10
as for me, i want to work a\outside my country. i know i can have good job here but i want change. like different faces, different places nor different environment. besides with all the pain i have here from the father of the child i dont want to stay here anymore and have a change to see the guy again. i want him vanish from my entire life forever. and if going to other country is the only key then i will.
• China
21 Feb 10
Hi.Which coutry are you from? I live in Shanghai,China.I am going to stay in my hometown,too.But according to the development in China,oversea education and work experience is also considered in the short term.I plan to go to US and gain some advanced experience and help my country in the same way as yours.
@yresh12 (3222)
• Philippines
21 Feb 10
I love working outside the country. Adventure is very interesting. I like to go and meet new people and accept the challenge of working far from home. I'll miss my family but I love to face challenges and see wherever life takes me.
• United States
21 Feb 10
I would want to work from home where ever it may take me. If I were to find a job online that I had to move for I would do it. I like to travel and love to learn first hadn about the world. Better to see it for myself than to hear about it.
@kaylachan (4776)
• Daytona Beach, Florida
21 Feb 10
I prefer to stick to my own country when it comes to making money. I need what I can get, and I don't tthink it would be in my best interest to travel just to make a quick buck. You would be putting a majority of what you would be earning right back into traveling making everything not worth the time and effort. not to mention the strain traveling in general puts on me.