Hurt locker, the Surrogates, Gamer and Zombieland

@teamrose (1499)
United States
February 21, 2010 2:28am CST
Here's my review on a few... Hurt Locker - liked it a lot, good military movie (Iraq) told in a different sort of way. the Surrogates - really interesting movie, what if everyone was a robot? worth a look. Gamer - has similar themes to the Surrogates, but they should call it Lamer... pretty dumb. especially the dancing scene, I couldn't believe my eyes it was happening (you'll know what I mean should you get to it). Zombieland - starts off quite gross, but pretty fun once you get into it, even if it's not the most realistic zombie movie (if there even is such a thing). cool final action scene, inspiration for the name...
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