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February 21, 2010 5:25am CST
Is this available for international members too? I mean if i pay their premium membership fee, can i really apply for those jobs they are posting even if im located in the Philippines? Any idea?
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@firemom31 (599)
• United States
21 Feb 10
This site is a scam. Any site that asks you to pay a membership fee is a scam. No legit employer will ask you to pay them to work. If you want to do that type of work, try oDesk. It is always free, has thousands of jobs available, and they hire many workers from the Philippines. I have worked for them for about a year and make good money now that I am established with them. There is some info about them in my blog link if you're interested, or just go to their website and look around for more info. It's a great freelance site.
@honeylore23 (1085)
• United States
8 Mar 10
Hello Yolak69, I came from Philippines too. I have encountered, and like the first commenter said, it is a scam. I am a member of this three outsourcing site: Odesk, Guru and Of the 3, I favored odesk the most. This is where I got most of my earnings, and most of all it is totally free. With regards to Guru, you can sign up for free, but most of the jobs posted are for those who upgraded their members, only few are open for free members. It is buyer's preference whether they want to receive application from free members or not. But I was able to work in their for free and was paid about $40 dollars. With regards to Freelancer, you have the option to upgrade your profile. But not upgrading your profile doesn't mean you can't apply to jobs posted, you can still apply but there are especial features only for upgraded members. What I don't like in freelancer is you can't withdraw your earnings if you haven't reach $30 dollars. Cashing your earnings is not that difficult too, because they both have debit you can order online. The only problem is if you are living in remote areas in Philippines that debit card would be of no good, since it would usually work only in banks that accept international card. I have odesk debit card, but I usually encash my earnings from odesk to paypal and from paypal to my bank account. Your debit card would be useful, since you can use that to link in your paypal so withdrawing to your bank account will be possible. If you need some questions, I would be glad to help you. Lourdes