duplicity - duplicity is an interesting film.
@teamrose (1499)
United States
February 21, 2010 7:35pm CST
Duplicity with Clive Owens and Julia Roberts interesting film. They have great chemistry in this movie, and I really enjoyed the backdrop of CIA/M16 rivalry vs. Corporate Espionage. Very enjoyable, and the end is a nice twist.
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• Indonesia
22 Feb 10
i like this movie, mainly because the chemistry between julia and Clive. The story full of twist which unveiled throughout the movie, so the audience has to be patient to wait what will happened next among these two spies. In the end, karma occurred to them, even they, as top notch spies, admit how briliant the plan was :)
@teamrose (1499)
• United States
22 Feb 10
Movies with great plots are what made Hollywood. Pity the new movies are mostly car chases and explosions.
@UmiNoor (3673)
• Malaysia
13 Jun 12
I like movies with a twist at the end. However, I think the ending to Duplicity seems to try too hard at creating the twist. But that is just my opinion.
@arunr175 (1679)
• India
19 May 12
Duplicity is one of the best film I have ever seen, the ending with that twist was very good, films like this should be regularly released. The concept was good, 2 rival medical corporates have a team who spy on the other corporate and both teams have moles, it is a well made film with good acting made a great film to watch ....
@debsgw (256)
24 May 10
I really enjoyed this movie too - I must admit that I am a huge Julia Roberts fan and I really like Clive Owen too and I agree with you that they have great chemistry together which always makes any film so much easier to watch. I must admit I was surprised by the twist at the end and that's so unusual these days, most high budget movies are fairly predictable aren't they?
22 Feb 10
Duplicity really split my opinion as for most of the movie I enjoyed it, all the double crossing and the chemistry worked well with just enough humour to give it an edge. I liked that it almost demands you watch it carefully to try and work out who is double crossing who etc etc. But then I hated the ending, I found it a complete cop out and caused what you had watched to be riddled with more plot holes than a piece of Swiss cheese. It ruined it for me and could have been ended in a more honest manner.