After becoming an adult, did you ever feel that you want to get back childhood?

February 22, 2010 2:50am CST
The childhood memories often rounds up my mind, after becoming an adult I feel that I have lost that innocence,joy,enjoyment and my childhood friends also the pampering which my parents did,all that naughty behaviour and freedom. After becoming an adult life is full of responsibilites,time-bounded,aggressive and maturity.I feel sad that I cannot go back to my childhood days back! Have you ever felt that touch of going back to childhood days? Enjoying those golden days again?
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@hofferp (4739)
• United States
25 Feb 10
Childhood was fun, and on a few occasions, I've thought about them, but I've never really wanted to go back. I do miss the cool dreams I use to have as a being able to fly any time I wanted, and I could convince others they could fly too and they did.
• India
26 Feb 10
Thanks, good to hear from you..
• Indonesia
25 Feb 10
although I'm a teenage... but sometimes I wanna back to childhood again... feels no pressure - no pain in this life...
• India
25 Feb 10
Thanks,for responding!!
@danitykane (3192)
• Philippines
22 Feb 10
hi ewinner, You know what, every time I feel sad and lonely I think of my childhood days. Those times that problem and trials don't even existed~ at least on my mind and vocabulary. Because now that I'm older, and that responsibility was put on my shoulder and problems pour everyday, I missed those times when I just play with friends and my toys and not even think about what tomorrow will bring. Reminiscing those days when I still have my mom with me and that friends are still around. Most of my childhood friends are not in our city anymore same with some of my cousins. Some of them lives in another country or just relocate to another town. But all of it makes me a better person, I guess. I miss being a kid but, I'm proud to be a responsible daughter and sister. LOL.(dramas of my life) Happy Lotting!
• India
26 Feb 10
Hi,I liked your way of thinking.
@johnace (13)
• Canada
18 Mar 10
Childhood days was fun because it was stress free and always full of adventure. Now everytime I feel stress in what I'm doing, it gives me a little relief from stress. Although I had lots of unforgettable memories of childhood, I don't want to get back to that stage. Maybe, only through remembering those fun childhood memories at times of stress always put a smile, inspiration and relief at times of stress.
@trohichko (197)
• Bulgaria
14 Mar 10
I maybe more often than other people recall my childhood memories and I often get sad cause they are far away in the past and they'll never get back. Such a wonderful memories full of magic - the world seems so mysterious during the childhood, more colorful, more optimistic and you have friends with whom to play with and those friends are with you not because of some financial stuff but because they just like you wanna have some fun and explore the world. Now I'm almost 26 and when I go to places which in my childhood seemed magical now the magic is gone - they seem plain and simple. It's so awful that we can't go back...I just wanna go back for a while in my childhood to experience the same things again. If there was a time machine I'd give all my money to get back there and feel the magic again... It was so pure everything back in the childhood - first day at school, first love and my town full of friends and relatives who now have gone in different direction... For sure the best period of our lives is the childhood so if you have children now spend more time with them, be close to them in their special moments so that you could touch at least a bit of that magic. Teach them how to enjoy that period and not to think about being grown-up,
@namiya (1599)
• Philippines
5 Mar 10
Memories of childhood is really something to look back too. No problems, no heartaches, and simple things and reasons would easily make one laugh, jump and dance with joy. A child easily appreciate things and circumstances that surrounds him. Thus in some stages of my adult life, usually when I'm besiege with problems, I can't help looking back to childhood days and wish that I have powers to bring back time.