King Tut...why all the fuss?

@mslena75 (562)
United States
February 22, 2010 5:16am CST
So there is research that King Tut died from malaria and complications from a leg fracture. I read this information and have to ask all reality, who cares? This boy king lived centuries ago. What relevance is there today? I love interesting history as much as the next guy, but doing CT scan and genetic testing on a mummy? The first thing that comes to mind is the expense of running all these various tests on mummified remains. With all that is plaguing our country right now, I can't help but think this money could go to better use somewhere else to help people who are alive and struggling right now. I could see if this was going to even maybe advance medical research in some way, but as it stands I just don't see the point. What are your thoughts?
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