are you the same person as you were a child or much different ?

February 22, 2010 11:49am CST
i have seen many people who will be different during their childhood and thet will be completely different when have grown up . are you the same person as you were a child . have you got many changes in you now ? i am not asking about physical changes . i am asking changes in characters and other such things ?
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@cintoy (1014)
• Indonesia
24 Feb 10
Yeah. I feel more mature now. I understand things more. I feel that childhood is the time we play and free our mind of any responsibilities but when we are growing up, we are indirectly burden with lots of responsibilities.
• Philippines
23 Feb 10
i guess no. i used to be a quite child before and dont bother to be with people. i just contented playing with friends. while now, im so extrovert. i love to socialize and meet people and talk to them, very weird.
• Australia
22 Feb 10
Since my childhood was FAR from normal, I am very happy to say I changed considerably. I have NO happy childhood memories, but I'm sure my five sons have many of their early lives. Having said that, I believe everyone should change significantly during various stages of their lives. A baby is completely dependent on others for everything and only considers his/her own comfort. As the baby develops, the personality changes and infancy is the greatest time of learning, involving many changes in understanding and personality. A child enjoys a carefree lifestyle and a certain amount of freedom, while at the same time learning about cause and effect. Self-discipline is learned and character is developed. The teenage years are a mine-field where character can be strengthened or torn to shreds. The adult years bring responsibility and another change of perspective - and another change of personality and characteristics. For most, these include the added responsibilities of a marriage and parenthood. During the years of parenthood, more changes will emerge in personalities as the parents face the changing years of their children. And then come even more changes as the parents adapt to their children starting their own homes and they find themselves in an empty nest. The "senior" years bring more changes to the personality, as we adjust to the physical changes. Hopefully, in most cases, these personality changes reflect peace and satisfaction in a life well lived.
• Philippines
22 Feb 10
as we grow older, we learn things from our experiences and that makes us change. for me I can say that I became strong because of what I learned through the way. I also learned to value friendship and family more.