United States
February 22, 2010 3:24pm CST
I read an article about ehanol co-ops in rural America. How they can help us to become more energy efficent. They talked about redirecting subsidized funds already going to the farming community right back to the farmers to produce ethanol distilleries. Redirecting wouldnt cost us anymore money. America needs to become more self sufficent and less reliable onto other countries for our energy. It would bring more prosperity to our farmers. This prosperity could also help the farmers to be able to supply more farmers markets and more organic produce at lower costs. It would take time to bring this all forward but it would be our future. Less reliance on oil imports, healthier citizens via less processed foods, that would help future generations in healthcare cost. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think it is time as americans we start pushing the government towards doing what is better for us as a nation then what is better for their pocketbooks?
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@eagletrek2 (5280)
• Kingston, New York
10 Jul 16
There one problem with ethanol gas it no good for the cars we have today or of yesterday. Now this idea that I read can benfit our country there is tech out there now that can make human waste in to natural gas and if mix with wood chips can be made to different type o gasoline. There a person in texas who doing this now he just making dieasl gas but it a start. As long as humans eat , we will have one source of raw materal that will all way be with us.