@slovenc1 (2091)
February 22, 2010 3:48pm CST
First i got my adsense account with 80€ deleted and now upbux that i invested 10$ in is down and there are obviously no sites you can trust. I just don't know what to do anymore to earn anything. How do you feel? So many rules an you get scammed anyway in the end. The only program i still trust is easyhits4you(you know where to join). I'm also testing devbux that seems like neobux and upbux and i earned 1.60$ so far but will take me forever to reach 5$ payout. Join under me if you want to help me. The last thing that can happen is that mylot closes when i reach payout..that's also far away...i have 2.25$ so far for a lot of work. Time to find another way to earn don't you think? It's all about money)=
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@bnx2212 (713)
• Philippines
2 Mar 10
Yes it's so disappointing to know that sites you thought would last forever closed and leave us all behind.. But life has to go on, there are still some sites that paid me regularly.
@rosekiss (30260)
• Eugene, Oregon
23 Feb 10
It is bad when you thought a site was legit, ends up closing because they dont't have the funds to pay their members. I never reached payout in upbux as I was only with them for a very shor time. I do feel for those that invested in upbux and now have lost their money. I am hesitnt to invest in any site, however, I do think that investing in neeobux would be good idea, as I am sure I could make good money there,and be able to rent referrals as well. I am renting referrals now and they aren't all that active, but I am making a little, actually much more than I would if I hadn't rented any. I am hoping to upgrade maybe net week, as I have money coming in, so I will be able to then. There is only one site so far that I have upgraded in and that is clixsense. I am close to my 2nd payout, as I have no referrals, as it takes me several months to get payout. I wishs that sites wouldn't close either, but it does happen, and we have to deeal with it and it is hard that is for sure. Good luck to you and happy mylotting.