Do you watch the Iron Chef?

February 22, 2010 9:38pm CST
Mom and I watches it like crazy. 2 expert chef with respective groups battles it out to know who reigns supreme as they show off their individual expertise in cooking the day's secret ingredient. Afterwards, mom and I ends up all drooling and hungry. Growl!
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@kykidd (6819)
• United States
3 Apr 10
I haven't had the opportunity to watch that one yet. However, I have seen the commercials for it on television. One of the shows I like to watch, which deals with food is on the Travel Channel. I've only caught it a few times, but this guy travels around the world showing unique finds, and the best foods. There are some cities or market areas in cities that are famous for certain things. But, my favorites are when he comes up with the really unique stuff. It's a pretty neat show and the guy who does it is really down to earth.
@bunnybon7 (37406)
• Holiday, Florida
22 Mar 10
that might just cause you to gain to much weight my friend. its why i dont watch those food/cooking shows. its bad enough that my favorite shows often have either commercials with yummy foods on display and make me hungry or they are eating something out or cooking something quite scrumpious.
@TAZNEM (656)
• Philippines
25 Feb 10
nope i havent watch this show but i had a glimpse of the hells kitchen show with a lot of shouting and drama whew, i dont think i will enjoy my food cooked by someone who is so angry