Why are TV ads getting more and more Secretive with all the fine Print?

United States
February 23, 2010 1:04am CST
I was just watching some of the pairs skating from the Olympic Games and of course there were many commercials. Is it just me or are more and more companies being oddly secretive in their TV ads? I just saw a commerical for a leading Pizza Chain, here in the USA that was advertising ANY Pizza, Any Toppings, Any Crust for a flat rate of $10. But I happened to be walking by the TV and saw the white on white super fine print at the bottom of the screen that made them seem Deceptive~!! In the fine print, it stated that only 3 toppings and no stuffed crust pizza and other conditions may apply. HMMMM... Well then how the heck is that ANY Pizza with Any Crust and Any Toppings?? The price was great and they would have likely had a sale from our home in the next week BUT when I saw the super fine print done like that, It made me FAR FAR less likely to take advantage of the deal!! Is it just me or does this kind of bait and switch advertising make you LESS likely to want to try the products or services shown??
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@timhinyy (1653)
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26 Feb 10
Pizza Hut has been doing that for quite awhile now. I'm not sure why they are not doing it for the stuffed crust pizza, which i don't usually get, but found out when at the restaurant that it was not included in the deal. All of the competing companies have joined them with the 10.00 pizza deal here we have Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, and Dominos. It really just depends how much you like that companies pizza when they are all doing the same deal. Actually for me the pizza hut is the closest one to my parents house so if i am in the mood for pizza that would be the most likely one that i would go to and of the 3 that is the only one with a decent dining area inside. Pizza Hut has for the most part been the most expensive of the three, but if you like to be able to sit down and eat you pizza, or pasta or whatever they have a lot more choices there then most of the others, including a salad bar and during the day they have a buffet where they put lots of different kinds of pizza out. My mom really likes to go there, because they have her favorite dish spaghetti and they have a nice amount of pasta dishes there now, including chicken alfredo and lasagna, which is one of my favorites, which is enough to serve for a dinner some night if you wanted to get that. I do agree with you that the company shouldn't try to be sneaky about what is included with the deal however if you are going to say any pizza, any size, and any toppings that is what you should get they shouldn't try to sneak something past the consumer like they were trying to do in this case and personally i was never a big fan of the stuffed crust pizza.