discrimination because of language?

February 23, 2010 1:24am CST
I just don't understand why there are a lot of people who discriminates a person because they don't speak fluent english. I am so fed up of these people who thinks they are smarter and better because they are native English speaker or speaks the language spontaneously. This is not to offend native speakers who are nice people, if you don't like the discussion you can always just look for other discussions. My point is, why is it that if you are not speaking straight English,with the "accent", people tend to put you down or think of you as you are idiot and you can't help. I speak English but I am not native but I am not an idiot. I can just imagine these people try to speak other language lets say my language and let's see what will happen. I don't know why it's easy for them to discriminate, they don't even know the person they are talking to... Not just because you can speak English does not mean you can just laugh at others who can't because they are really trying their best to.. I was on the phone with another person, I know I don't have the American accent but as soon as "mean lady" realized that I don't speak like an American she started shouting at me and telling me how poor my English is. I just hope it comes back to her as Karma one of these days. She really not nice at all. I don't expect her to be nice or it's not a requirement at all. I just don't think she have the right to discriminate a person because we all have our different talents and skills that does not require you to be fluent or anything. Sorry guys, I am just posting this discussion to exhaust what I feel inside, I don't expect everyone to understand me, or be nice in commenting, I am just so..you know irritated! That's all. Excuse me..
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@chiyosan (30206)
• Philippines
31 Mar 10
me and my friends do laugh at ourselves when we cannot seem to be speaking quite well(in english). we don't usually show this in public and i don't think we have the right to judge a person by just their english... as i know in this arena, i too am not very fluent in english. I know though there are some people who tries to speak english even if they know it is not required to be speaking in english, say for instance in some place where you would just want to show off... i think english is not the right instrument to show off because learning a language does not life up one's status a notch higher.
@p3ks626 (6550)
• Philippines
23 Feb 10
I have experienced being discriminated because of my language. And sad thing about it was I was discriminated in my own country. I just cant believe sometimes how cruel people are of your own race and trying to put other people down because it makes them feel more important.