Do you keep your room clean!!!

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February 23, 2010 4:29am CST
hi guys, frankly speaking if you see my room you will be really shocked that can a room be this i will never clean my cup boards,my books will be spreaded all over papers fling here and there,empty water bottles etc.i use to get lotta scoldings for being like about you do you keep your room clean?
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@cintoy (1014)
• Indonesia
25 Feb 10
I don't really keep my room clean every day or every week. But when i feel that my room is starting to get messy and dirty, then i will take few hours to clean them up. when i start cleaning, i will clean everything including all the papers, or plastic bags that is not going to be used then i'll just throw them all away. so, cleaning for me can take half day, so i won't be cleaning every week. Just when it starts to get messy and dirty. ^^
• Philippines
23 Feb 10
I try to keep it clean, but my sister just always messes it up.. She never cleans her things, and she just leaves her things everywhere.. It gets tiring really, but sometimes, I cannot take the trash and the mess that I clean it anyway, and after a couple of days it would all turn messy again..
• India
23 Feb 10
no i wont keep my room and wont like to do it . sometimes i may decide to keep my room clean and i will begin my work to clean the room . i will clean the room . keep the dress and other things arranged . i will maintain it only for few days and then i dont be able to keep the room clean and thus i will put things where ever i like . i wont keep my room clean for most of the times .
@towongfoo27 (2989)
• United States
23 Feb 10
I keep my entire apartment clean, as I do not like clutter and dirt everywhere. Since I am a neat person by nature, I tend to vacuum, dust, and put things in their proper place after using them. Leaving stuff out might lead to a theft as well, especially when friends come over. Are you a college student living in a dorm? I have always been the one kid in the family that kept her room clean, for it just makes me feel better knowing I am not living in filth and clutter. Yet everyone is different, and maybe for you, having an unorganized and messy room is normal.
• India
23 Feb 10
Yes i do keep my room clean and if i don't then my mom will kill me and she gonna through me out of the house. So i have to keep room clean and i really hate stink room oh my god its yak.