which part of your life did you regret most?

February 23, 2010 8:00am CST
the most part of my life that i regret most is.. when the time during my college life i wasnt able to give all my best in some of my subject to pass. that circumstances made me decide to stop for a year and think it over what course would i like to pursue.. for me that was the regreting part of my life, i regret the ive wasted the oppurtunity ive to let to pass.. and the trust that ive lost from my parent... how about you guyzz which part of your life did you regret most? ang you'll never forget.... you free to share your thought... happy lotting..
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23 Feb 10
I have a great many regrets in my life, far too many to dwell on really. I regret not making the most of my time at school, not working perhaps as hard as I should have done. I regret marrying my first husband, knowing that it was a mistake but bowing to family pressure at the time. I regret wasting money on stupid and frivolous things, now I could really do with the money I frittered away in the past. But there is no point in dwelling in the past and regretting all the mistakes I have made, you have to learn from your mistakes and move on.
• Philippines
24 Feb 10
yah you're right!! learning from our mistakes would be the best option that we can do to move on and start again.. thanks for posting your comment... have a nice day..
• Germany
10 Mar 10
On the positive side of view, i would rather say i do not regret for the things i did, if i have at all, its for the things i did not do.
• Slovak Republic
23 Feb 10
I will never forget the past two years of my life, where I have simply wasted my time on doing nothing. Wasting time on drinking and partying and failing all my exams. but I will have to forget and move on, and I have moved on. I am doing more with my time, earning some money, studying to pass the exams and drinking way less than before.