How to feel better when the college vacation is over?

February 23, 2010 8:31am CST
My college vacation is over now,but I feel bad of going back to school.Staying at home with family is more comfortable than studying in the school with classmates for me.I can't think out the other reasons,but there is a bad feeling at the bottom of my heart.I am not willing to go back to my classroom and dorm.But I have to.How can I feel better about this?I wonder if you have the same feeling when your vacation is over?
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• Estonia
23 Feb 10
Yes, this feeling gets to us all when our short vacation from school is at an end. What I usually do when I have this feeling is: I think that it is better to get back to studying so that I would come closer to the end of school. Every day you spend at school takes you one day closer to graduation. Just study hard and well and soon it will be over and you will have your degree! Good luck at college!
• China
23 Feb 10
Thank you for your helpful experience.It made me feel more better.I think when I come back to school,I will work more hard.Maybe Working hard can help us relieve our nervous.You must be a hard working student,I think.Have fun at mylot!
• United States
7 Mar 10
It's definitely better to be on vacation than when we have to go to school and work. When my winter vacation ended in January, I didn't want to go back to college. I was so comfortable at home watching TV all day long and sleeping 12 hours a day Oh well, summer vacation will come soon enough.
• Estonia
23 Feb 10
Well, on one hand it's usually a pity for me that vacation is over. Having rest is still better than working hard, isn't it? On the other hand, going back to school allows me to meet some of my classmates I haven't seen throughout the whole summer. Everyone will have interesting stories to tell, cool experiences to share. Returning to school has it's pros and cons.
@phoenix8606 (4978)
23 Feb 10
hi! after the university vacation, I didn't felt bad, because I knew that I will meet my colleagues from the university again and will have a lot of fun with them. Well, the carefree days are over and it is a little bit sad, but I don't take it that hard. I just think of that how i will go and see my friends and will have something else to do, then just sitting at home.