Where did you learn to photoshop?

@keinah2 (303)
February 23, 2010 9:27pm CST
I've been using photoshop for almost 2 years now. But all I can learn is the basic .
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@annierose (18021)
• Philippines
2 Apr 12
I was chosen to be sent to a computer school. The school has to teach us photoshop, corel draw, and programming. I have learned many great things using adobe photoshop cs3 by the help of our instructor. I don't have Adobe Photoshop CS3 installed in my computer so I just downloaded a trial version of it. Aside from what I am earning from our computer instructor, I also search the net for additional information on using that software to edit photos. You can also use youtube to study that program.
• China
2 Mar 10
I just began to learn photoshop for several days. I attend a course. I think maybe in future we can make some exchanges on it.
@youless (94336)
• Guangzhou, China
24 Feb 10
In the past I worked in the computer company in a short time. And I learned a little basic usage of Photoshop from other colleagues. It is good enough for me to edit my photos. I love China
@mymelodake (1339)
• Philippines
24 Feb 10
Mostly just by trial and error. I also read up on tutorials, but I really learned through just exploring photoshop and seeing what I can do with it. When I see a design I like, I try to do it myself on photoshop. Sometimes, I am successful, and sometimes I'm not, but in the process I learn something new and sharpen my skills. There isn't actually much difference in terms of preference and buttons between CS3 and older versions if you've tried them out. I even think it's pretty good, except for the fact that they integrated Imageready into CS3.