Is Teen Pregnancy becaming a new fashion statement?

United States
February 23, 2010 11:44pm CST
At the end of my s.r year in high school i noticed alot of girls getting pregnant, i didnt let it bother me too much. now that im out of high school about 90% of my friends have kids or are pregnant, it saddens me because there all about 18 years old with no college education. Another thing that bothers me they werent even in a long term relationship with there boyfriend most of them about a year..infact out of all my friends i have the longest relationship and its only about 4yrs and im still not looking foward or ever had been pregnant.. i dont think its cute no offense.. whats your opinnion?
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• India
24 Feb 10
Yes i also agree that teen pregnancy is becoming fashion because of the negligence and careless.
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@iamamommy (163)
• United States
8 Mar 10
I had my baby a month before i turned 18. Im glad it happened i would never take it back, ive bin with my husband for two years. But I see where you are coming from. Some girls are mature enough to have babies young but some girls are not. I have a few friends that are now pregnant but they do not take care of themselves at all. The one girl I know smokes weed, drinks alchol, and smokes cigs. This is not a good mother at all. Some of my friends that are pregnant, have gotten pregnant on purpose. Gaining weigh, getting strech marks, spending all your money on a baby, not being able to go out and do what you want, and having to grow up, if this is a fashion statement, then yes pregnancy is a great fashion statement. lol. These girls have no idea what they are getting themselfs into. I love being a mother but i dont have an education,because i had to drop out of highschool and give up like everything, I never even went to prom.
• United States
12 Mar 10
i agree 100% with you i have 2 friends there both my age one of them has 2 babies..and she had them both already when she was 17..but omg that girl takes care of her kids so well it amazes me!!! some girls are mature to care for there children and it makes me proud when teens moms make it thru. even if they cant finish high school it doesnt matter , i would just like it if some of these girls were a little more responsible with there kid/im very happy you are doing well and understand where im coming from i didnt mean to disrespect any teen mom. i dont have a baby but i babysit my niece 2 yrs old and its very hard for me. its only like 4 hours i do it but im already pulling out my hair, and i always think back at all the girls who have had kids and i dont know how they do it. you have to sacrifice yourself for everything!! well thanks for responding to my post good luck and kiss 2 your baby
@careal (25)
• Philippines
5 Mar 10
I certainly agree with you.. teenage pregnancy is the new fashion statement this days. In fact, I've known a lot who are in that situation right now. I guess this is happening because of partner pressure in doing the thing in a wrong time and also because of media. These teenagers may think that it is just a play and carries no responsibilities at the end. I hope this kind of fashion will come to minimize..
• United States
12 Mar 10
yea ive noticed many teenage girls dont reallly notice what having a child really means, and dont really care when they are pregnant. i just feel bad for the babies future.. its baasiclly a child trying to care for another child.