Is Cricket killing other sports in India?

February 24, 2010 12:07am CST
It is often said that due to so much importance given to cricket other sports are suffering in India. It is not only wrong but also wishful thinking. It is not correct to say that cricket has prospered at the expenses of other sports in India. Most sports body in India are controlled by the Government like Hockey etc. or by some individual perpetually like tennis. Cricket in India is governed by BCCI which is not a Government body. If other sports federation cannot operate probably cannot compete interationally, if they can't pay their players adequately, it is not the fault of cricket. Money in cricket has come only after the world cup triumph. After winning so many gold medals in hockey why is it in such a bad taste - because due to unprofessional attitude of there federation they could not en-cash their succes. Do you think that really cricket killing all other sports in India.