people must've been dying to express themselves. lol.

February 24, 2010 9:59am CST
i really think facebook is very addicting. it's the first thing that i open when i wake up, the last one i visit before i sleep, and i don't even know why! i tried to delete one of the accounts, and then i figured that even when i did, people can still send me notifications and stuff, just in case i come back, which is nuts. so i wind up reactivating it again. hahaha. but anyway, if there's any reason why i'm having the urge to delete the account it's because, most of what i read from my contacts' status are rants, brags or angry words that must've been intended for someone but appears to be generalized. a hypersensitive people might find it misleading and cause fights or a bad impression. sheesh. what do you think about those kinds of status?
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• Philippines
24 Feb 10
First of all, hello fellow Pinay! Wait, when you mentioned that you tried deleting one of your accounts, you do mean you have more than 1? Anyway, if you're deleting your Facebook just for the sole purpose that you don't like getting these teenage emo drama statuses, then why don't you just block them off your notification list or just delete them as friends? The reason why you keep reactivating your account is because you DO want to keep up with Facebook BUT without having those little immature rants about your friends' entirely miserable loser lives. So why not just block them off? With those kind of statuses, well the best thing you can do is ignore them. They seem to be after attention and I'm betting that giving them any form of attention is going against common sense. Regards.
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@skysuccess (8882)
• Singapore
24 Feb 10
hannanable78, To be fair, I find most social networking sites namely Facebook, MySpace and Twitter to be relatively popular and addictive in a sense it keeps everyone updated with ones' daily affairs, activities and most of all a chance for interaction. Of late, I think there's been quite a lot of issues about abuses like phishing scams to hijack member's account to commit cyber crimes and spams. Not forgetting, the banned access from various countries like China - have all caused a wane of in its popularity. Anyway, to each and his/her own, I feel that whoever is still active with these networking sites, would just have to be extra careful with their security protocols to protect themselves from unnecessary loss, harassment and other inconveniences which might entangle themselves with the law. I am not particularly a great fan of these social networking sites for security concerns than other reasons. Besides, I still find that emails, chats and even a phone call to be a much personal and effective medium to reach my family, friends and relatives.