Stop with the who has better coverage maps, faster service or more hd channels!

United States
February 24, 2010 10:33am CST
The day begins with a little sports center and follows with what ever else I find to watch. By this point I have all ready seen an ad for we have this map and your phone carrier has this or we have this many hd channels and they have this. I totally understand that they need to advertise for there company but someone has to step and say enough is enough. Verizon beating up on At&t and At&t beating up on Verizon or Comcast beating up on Verizon Fios for Fios beating up on Comcast. I hate seeing them. Its hard to believe any of the companies from there ads. Best advertisement is word of mouth not because someone is going to get your service because you keep showing maps on tv! So I am saying "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH"!
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