February 24, 2010 11:09am CST
I have read another discussion inquiring regarding the legitimacy of this site "BEST DOLLAR CLICKS". I just want to emphasize that I learned mylot because of this scam PTC site BEST DOLLAR CLICKS. I was really mad and wanted to inform one mylotter that Bestdollar is a scam site, the reason why I registered to this site. I saw this particular discussion last september while browsing the net. I really wanted to warn this person, that is why I registered to mylot without knowing what mylot really is. I don't even know that we earn from every post we make... My concern only is to warn and share my bad experience to this site BEST DOLLAR CLICKS. You know why I really hate this BEST DOLLAR CLICKS? Because they are posting fake payment proof! The nerve! They are using the usernames of their members and claiming that they have paid me and others.... BEST DOLLAR CLICKS is one of the first PTCs I joined. They posted my username and my downlines usernames too and did not pay us any cent... They are worst. For they not only scammed us but used us also to scam more people... SEE PAYMENT PROOF PAGE 6: My username is still there, same as the one I am using here. Well sorry BUT I am not going to keep quiet. I have sent them many support ticket before and none were responded... The site is still up till not and contineously victimizing people. Untill now, they are still sending me promo packages to buy... Don't even think of investing to this site.
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