Still watching Cartoons?!!!

February 24, 2010 11:13am CST
Its just me or people still watching cartoons now they are grown up?. To be honest you with all of you guys out there, I still fund of watching cartoon though I'm 22 years of age but not adult cartoons that I'm talking about that's a whole another topic. Anyways, every time I go and watch TV I never miss a day during my TV time without watching cartoons especially watching DISNEY cartoons, because it just makes me feel like a kid again and always makes me happy every time I watch cartoons though it is weird and odd like a young adult like my self watching cartoons, but I know every one of us has a kid inside us and it will never go away even all of us grows old and mature and all of us still watching cartoons. = ) I want to know all of you grown men and women out there, are you still watching cartoons?, com on don't be shy and be honest about it, its nothing to be ashamed of. ^ ^ hehe
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24 Feb 10
LOL yes I still enjoy watching cartoons and I'm 58 years old. The Simpsons, Futurama and more recently I've enjoyed the Ice Age movies and Shrek. There is definitely a child still inside of me :-D
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24 Feb 10
I know cartoons is enjoying to watch that's why most people never stop create cartoon movies like Shrek, Ice Age and so much more. The kids and the adults enjoy it and makes us all happy about it. ^ ^
@yresh12 (3219)
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25 Feb 10
There's always a child in us. I'm 21 years old I still watch cartoons. I love to watch cinderella, snowhite and a lot more. I'm a hopless romantic that's why I watch these things.I also watch anime now. I just love the story about friendship, love, having fun and many more.