Farmville: Are we taking this too far?

United States
February 24, 2010 9:47pm CST
Okay, i admit it. I log onto facebook not only to see what my friends are up to and to check my messages but also to check on my farm. its just a fun pasttime for me, like any other computer game. however, i just read an article where one FV addict defends her activities on FV and basically tells all the haters to be quiet. Then I scrolled down to the comment section and there are five pages of readers basically cussing each other out, telling each other they need to F___ing get a life and that they are morons and yada yada yada. One person posted that they have taken people off their friends list because he was tired of receiving posts about FV on his news feed. While reading all of this comments all I can do is shake my head. It is just a game. Do people really get this riled up about a computer game?
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@kprofgames (3089)
• United States
26 Feb 10
Yes I think that is taking it a bit too far, but then again if the person was only added for the point of getting neighbors on the game they played; well then, maybe their regular contacts are just sick of it. I have to think that it is more than just getting discussed with a person who plays a game. Maybe this person kept trying to add them to their game or was presistant to the point of annoying. It is hard to tell when reading one side of it really. I know I am on facebook and get request to join this or that and I just say I don't have time for it. There are some games that I am on. I openly admit that. I do try to be supportive of friends that are into the game side of facebook, but they also respect that I don't want to be hounded for gifts or become a neighbor to them in a game that I'm not going to take the time to play.
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@edxcast (1169)
• Ecuador
25 Feb 10
Hello vjenkins I stop playing this game, since i really find it stupid(no offense), but to take to the point of erasing a friend for the sake of it, its absolutely nonesense. If a friend wants to play the game i dont mind, its his life not mine and he or she can waste his/her time in the way he or she wants.
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• Philippines
3 Mar 10
Hi Vjenkins! I am a fan of facebook, its games and other stuff and yes, when it comes to Farmville, I think some people are taking it too far. I was even bullied to send gifts. That's the part of it that I don't like. I don't mind to when some of my neighbors "ask" politely for a certain gifts they need or want. But when it comes to the lines, "send me this, because I send you that everyday" or "send it to me now", or "I send gifts everyday so I expect to be return this and that". And some even gets the nerve to send you a chat message to send them gifts and then when you reply, like "ok, later, I will". They would add up, "No, now". What?...Lol..I wasn't used to it first. But now, I learned to say "No" or just ignore them, let them wait. Or just plainly when those neighbors get annoying plainly delete them. When it comes to friends, or people I personally know, I just adjust my privacy settings and block them from posting on my wall. I think Farmville it's just a game. We should relax and enjoy it. I know, it is also like a competition, who gets who first and what, but it should not be that serious. It ruins the game actually when you feel pressured to play it.