Is it the event or our thinking at that point of time, makes things good or bad?

February 25, 2010 1:04am CST
Hi guys, In our life we face events like a break-up or appreciation from boss.Do you think that a break-up is a bad event?If you get a good partner later who may last life long,what will you say? what if your boss gives you piles of job so that you find no time to relax,on the very next day after the appraisal for your hard work?
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• China
2 Mar 10
i dont kown, what kinds of things happen to you, but in my point of view, i considered that you can tell your boss what you thinking about, and even you can tell him what your feeling insteand of getting a extra enemy. if you have a unsatisfactory partner, you can make more friends if you like, but dont break-up with the person who sometimes letting you unhappy, if you do that, maybe you will lose a friends which you can not clearly see what she or he is. maybe your boss always gives you piles of job so that you find no time to relax, why not think that it is a chance to promote yourself? mabey later you will got a promotion.
• India
3 Mar 10
That's what I was asking Jenny.In which side you are?Do you think that the event itself is bad or do you think our thinking at the time of the event makes things good or bad?The event or the Thinking of the event.Got my point?Let me clarify you more.Is it the break up event itself bad or the phase of mental turmoil at the time of the break up makes us to address the event bad?