Before marriage,would you like to do property notarization?

February 25, 2010 7:35am CST
In the world full of material desires,men and women who wander outside of fence,more and more become realistic,they demand to do property notarization before marriage,to lest a series of complicated issues like property division when they divorce one day.Whatever economic situation,you and your lover,will you do notarization before marriage? Most people can't accept the property notarization before marriage presently. One issue is a traditional attitude,couples should live together till the end of life,one part shouldn't worry about his or her loss before marriage,this would make the other part unacceptable from heart,she or he would say,if you let it go like this,we had better to part now. The other issue is property,as couples,some belongings are easy to divide,but some are not.For example,how to divide the expenditure of wedding,every part pays it,what to do? Could it be that we list all expenses?If couples do property notarization before marriage,it equals burying a bomb of mutual distrust from the beginning. Doing property notarization before marriage becomes popular in recent years,some approve,some oppose,hou about your ideas?
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